Audry Prindle’s Family

Family of Audry Shirley Prindle

Phila Shuck Shirley (1/18/1832 - 1/11/1884)

& William M. Shirley (4/24/1824 - 11/10/1916)

Audry Shirley Prindle’s great-grandparents

Charles & CeCe Shirley

Audry Shirley Prindle’s paternal grandparents

Charles William Shirley

(10/14/1858 - 1/24/1944)

CeCe Dowler Shirley

(11/15/1865 - 4/16/1915)

(holding Shirley Patterson)

Harry & Ruth Shirley

Audry Shirley Prindle’s parents

Harry Edward Shirley

5/1/1885 - 6/29/1974

Ruth Berry Shirley

4/1889 - 2/18/1939

Harry Shirley in lumber camp (Canada)

Harry & Ruth Shirley

Harry, Ruth, Pansy, Audry & Lovelle

Harry Shirley’s butcher shop (Corvallis, Oregon)

Harry Edward Shirley with granddaughter Lynne Prindle Updegrove

Harold Prindle, Ruth Shirley, Audry Shirley Prindle

Sisters of Audry Shirley Prindle

Wandah Shirley (Sister of Audry)

Audry & Wandah Shirley

Audry & Eileen Shirley (Audry’s sister)

Lovelle Shirley (Sister of Audry)

Audry & Lovelle Shirley

Audry, Eileen & Wandah

Eileen & Lenard Price (2nd husband)

Lovelle & Chet Nelson

Audry, Harry, Chet & Lovelle

Audry, Harold & Lovelle

Ruth & Roger Berry

Audry’s mother and uncle 1889

Roger Berry

Audry’s mother’s brother

Front Row: Roger Berry, Maude Berry, Audry Shirley Prindle; Back Row: Barry, Lynne, Brian

Roger was Audry’s mother’s twin brother

Roger & Maude Berry

Audry’s mother’s brother & his wife, 1949

Roger & Maude Berry

Roger & Maude with grandchildren

Genevieve & Katherine Berry

Daughters of George Berry, (Ruth Berry’s brother)

Thelma Sanders Vanek

Daughter of Pearl Berry (Ruth Berry’s sister)

Thelma Sanders Vanek

Daughter of Pearl Berry (Ruth Berry’s sister)

Miscellaneous Family

Jesse & Alice Skinner;

Conway & Gordon

Harold Prindle, Pat Jones, Kleber Jones, Mattie Jones, Pearl Sanders, Thelma, Audry, Conway Jones

Children: Ilene Sanders, Mort Sanders

Cousin to Ruth Berry (Lowe?)

Conway Jones

(Ruth Berry ’s nephew)

Kleber C. Jones, Jr, 1943 (Ruth Berry’s nephew)

 Roger Berry 

Roger Berry

J.K. Berry

J.K. Berry

Eleanor Berry

John Berry, Mary Berry Cross, Lizzie Berry, HC Jr, Eleanor Berry, Gordon,

M.T.J., Uncle Abe Berry (86 years old).

Photo taken in 1941 at the farm of Uncle James Berry’s daughters, who made a living off of the farm. James Berry was the brother of Audry’s grandfather Dudley (and the brother of Abe Berry).