Yakey / Arnold Family

Yakey Church Memberships 1833

Martin Yakey Church Confirmation 1833

Catharine Yakey Church Confirmation 1833

John Yakey Church Membership 1854

Yakey/James Marriage Certificate 1875

Lime Stone School Photo Circa 1890 (Jason Arnold)

John Arnold Will 1901

Lucketts High School Graduation 1921

Lucketts High School 1921 Class History by Minnie Belle Arnold

Lucketts High School 1921 Last Will by Kathleen Arnold

Lucketts High School 1921 Prophecy by Kathleen Arnold

Lovettsville High School Graduates 1947

Mahlon Henry Yakey Estate 1957

Mahlon Henry Yakey House Auction

Edith Yakey Bruin Will 1961

Bob Arnold Generations Photo

Katherine Arnold Auction 1972

Richard Arnold Will 1981

Arnold Family History

Graham Family

SL Graham Cook Stove Receipt 1850

WR Graham Property Tax Bill 1880

WR Graham Jury Duty Notice 10-6-1886

Samuel L Graham (Pop's Grandfather) Settlement 1889 01

Samuel L Graham (Pop's Grandfather) Settlement 1889 02

WR Graham Tenant House Rental Agreement 07-11-1904

WR Graham Moving Shipping Bill 7-29-1904

WR Graham Tax 1904

WR Graham Silo Purchase Invoice 1907

WR Graham Kid's Tuition 1912

WR Graham Death Certificate 01-28-1916

Lincoln High School Tuition 1917

Peoples National Bank Maggie Graham Insurance Payout 1916

Maggie Graham Daughters of Confederacy

Kathleen Graham (Granny) Hospital Bill 1924

Kathleen Graham (Granny) Hospital Bill 1929

Kathleen Graham (Granny) Hospital Bill 1937

Purcellville Town Council 1940’s

Lincoln High School Junior Class Photo 1940

Lincoln High School Senior Play 1941

Lincoln High School Graduation Program 1941

Maggie Graham Estate 1943

Charles Graham Garage Purchase Contract 1943

Pops Buys Garage 1943

Lincoln High School Boys Basketball Newspaper Clipping 1949

Lincoln High School Basketball Photo 1949

Lincoln High School Football Photo 1949

Lincoln High School Graduation Program 1952

Charlie Graham Receives Medical Degree

Charlie Graham Practice in Radford

Charlie Graham Joins Medical Group

William (W.M.) Hickam in Newspaper 1983

Charlie Graham Biography for Falcons Landing

Nancy Dillon Washington Post Article

Pops Auto Body Newspaper Article

Bonnie & Earl

Earl Updegrove Birth Certificate 1919

Bonnie Birth Certificate 1924

Bonnie Grade 2 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 3 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 4 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 5 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 6 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 8 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 9 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 10 Report Card

Bonnie Grade 11 Report Card

Bonnie In Peacock Wedding 1942

Earl High School Graduation Program 1937

Bonnie Graduates Nursing School 1944

MCV Photo Nursing Graduates 1944

Earl Army Discharge Papers 1946

Bonnie & Earl Marriage Certificate 01 1949

Bonnie & Earl Marriage Certificate 02 1949

Bonnie Named Head Nurse 1971

Bonnie Nursing Photo in Newspaper 1974

Earl's Work Business Card

Updegrove Family

Op den Graeff History

Solomon Updegrove Civil War Papers

Santa Letter to Craig 1955

Updegrove Family Reunion Newspaper 1961

Updegrove & Hoover Skit 1963

“Moses” by Craig Updegrove (FCPC) 1970

Craig Card to Earl

Craig’s Teaching Syllabus 1975

Wittenberg University Tuition, Room & Board 1976

Craig & Susan Wedding Events 07-1980

Susan Updegrove Bio

Dave Updegrove Poem For 60th Birthday 2010


1904 News Items

Leesburg Flouring Mill Receipt 03-22-1910

Purcellville Town Council 1940's

Purcellville Rhythm Band 1941

Ken Graham Golf Tournament

Mary Trussell Gordon Turns 90

James Family History

Audry Prindle Alterra Resident Profile