Home of Ira & Sadie Updegrove

Muir, PA (Torn down in 2018)

Earl Updegrove (on right) standing behind the Updegrove family home in Muir, PA.

Graham Farm

Home of Maggie & W.R. Graham

Gable Farm Rd, between Leesburg and Hamilton. W.R. & Maggie moved their family to this farm from Tazewell, VA in 1904.

Graham Farm

Home of Maggie & W.R. Graham

Graham family - Circa 1910

Graham Farm

Home of Maggie & W.R. Graham

Kathleen Arnold Graham (Granny) holding Bonnie.


Jason Arnold Farm

North of Taylorstown

Located on Taylorstown Rd, adjacent (south) to the Yakey Farm. This farm was originally owned by Jason’s father John Arnold. Jason inherited this farm when he was around 24 years old. This is where Granny, Minnie Belle and Richard grew up. The house still stands. (see below).

“Arcadia” (Below)

Named “Arcadia”, about 4 miles north of Leesburg on the west side of Route 15. A founding Trustee/Director of Peoples National Bank, John Arnold owned several large farms in Loudoun County. In his will he left one farm to each of his sons. Son Joe inherited Arcadia. Son Jason inherited the above farm. Son John inherited what is now known as the Firestone Farm (AKA Catoctin Stud/Waterford Downs), located north of Waterford on Loyalty Rd. A fourth son James died by drowning while a student at VMI.

Arcadia Farm (above); Firestone/Waterford Downs Farm (below)

The Yakey Farm

Thomas & Eliza Yakey

This farm is located on the southeast corner of Taylorstown Rd and Lovettsville Rd. In the northern part of Loudoun County, VA. The farm, originally 140 acres, first came into the Yakey family when Simon Yakey bought it in 1832. The house above was built in 1838 and still stands. The farm was inherited by Simon’s grandson Thomas Simon Yakey in 1870. After Eliza died the property was purchased by Thomas and Eliza’s daughter (Katherine Bondeena Yakey) and her husband Jason Arnold. They sold the farm in 1933. The farm was in the Yakey family for 101 years. The farm (now roughly 50 acres) was purchased in 2019 and became the Flying Ace Brewery.

Home of Kathleen & Charles Graham

(Granny & Pops)

141 Orchard Ave, Purcellville, VA

Pops collected from the mountain all of the stone for the house

Home of Bonnie & Earl Updegrove

1103 Kennedy St, Falls Church, VA

Built in 1950

The home where Dave, Craig & Bob Updegrove grew up.