The Arnold Family

Following Kathleen arnold (Granny), mother of bonnie

On January 16, 1949 Katherine Bondeena “Bonnie” Graham of Purcellville, VA married Earl David Updegrove of Muir, PA in the chapel of

Mount Vernon Place Methodist Church in Washington, D.C.

Bonnie and Earl raised three boys: David, Craig, & Bob.

The following photos and family tree renderings link the ancestors and descendants from the MOTHER of Bonnie.

                             Bonnie                                                   January 16, 1949                                                      Earl

Charles MacDonald Graham                                                                                             Kathleen Arnold Graham

          11/21/1897 - 7/31/1993                                                                                                                                           2/24/1902 - 9/12/1995

(holding Bonnie)

(Parents of Katherine Bondeena “Bonnie” Graham Updegrove)

Katherine BondeenaYakey Arnold                                                      Jason Arnold

                    (Parents of Kathleen Arnold Graham; Grandparents of Bonnie)

5/23/1878 - 11/11/1972                                                                2/29/1876 - 9/14/1940

Jason Arnold

In 1888, Jason Arnold’s father, John Arnold, was the President and a founding Trustee of the Peoples National Bank of Leesburg, VA. The building is now the

Lightfoot Restaurant. Jason was a farmer. He and Katherine Yakey Arnold separated but never divorced.

(Above and Right Photo)

Jason Arnold Buried Monday At Leesburg

Well Known Farmer At Lovettsville Had Been Active In Civic Affairs

(Loudoun Times-Mirror 1940)

Jason Arnold,  aged 64, son of the late John and Sarah Williams Arnold of near Lucketts, passed away September 14, after an illness of seven weeks following a stroke of paralysis suffered on July 26. Death resulted from pneumonia. Surviving are one son, Richard Y. Arnold, Hamilton; two daughters, Mrs. Charles M. Graham, Purcellville; Mrs. Harry H. Trussell, Hamilton; four grandchildren, Bonnie and Charles Mac Graham; Katherine and Billie Arnold; one brother, Joseph F. Arnold; a half  brother and sister, Mahlon D. And Miss Mattie Arnold all of Lucketts. A brother and half sister preceded him in death during the month of August.

Mr. Arnold resided in Lovettsville District during the greater part of his life where he farmed extensively, and was active in community affairs. For the past five years he had resided with his brother, Joseph. He was a member of St. James Reformed Church, Lovettsville. Funeral services, conducted by Rev. H.B. Cole, were held on Monday from the Trussell home in Hamilton. Burial was in Leesburg. Pallbearers were J. Homer Mock, Nelson Titus, John Whitmore, James McIntosh, Tunis Plaster and West Glascock.

Arnold Family History

The following are excerpts from a letter written to Minnie Belle Arnold Trussell (sister of Kathleen Arnold Graham) by a woman name Lizzie. We do not know who Lizzie is or when this letter was written.

The (Arnold) family is one of the oldest and best known in Frederick Co (Maryland). It is supposed that David Arnold, the grandfather of John Arnold, emigrated from Germany. He settled in Middletown Valley, Frederick Co. where he became a prosperous farmer and the owner of several tracts of land. He died on one of those farms in 1841 at the age of 84 yrs.

David Arnold married and had three children. The oldest of these, John H. Arnold, was born in 1795 near Burkittsville. He received a very limited education having been at school but twelve days when he began farm work on a tract of 200 acres, now part of the farm owned by his great nephew George V. Arnold. The land was at that time in a very poor condition. Mr. Arnold paid only sixteen dollars per acre for it. When he died in 1860 he was the owner of several good farms and was well and favorably known throughout the Co. (John H. Arnold) was a man of stalwart physique and commanding appearance, was active in public life and took a lively interest in current affairs. In politics he was first a Whig, but at a later time changed his views and voted with the Democratic Party.

On March 8, 1818 John H. Arnold married Sarah Karn. Mrs. Arnold died Aug 1878, aged about 78 yrs. She was a member of the Dunkard Church and a devout Christian woman.

(Mr. & Mrs. John H. Arnold had 10 children). Of those, John (Minnie Bell’s grandfather, Bonnie’s great-grandfather) was born May 28, 1826. Married March 18, 1851 Matilda Beachley. After her death he married Annie Himes, and after her death, Sarah Williams. He removed to Loudoun Co. Va where he died.

Left: John Arnold (5/28/1826 - 12/11/1900) 

Father of Jason Arnold, great-grandfather of Bonnie (Union Cemetery, Leesburg, VA). In 1888 John Arnold, was the President and a founding Trustee of the Peoples National Bank of Leesburg, VA. The building became the Lightfoot Restaurant.

Bottom: John H. Arnold (1795 - 8/5/1860) & Sarah Karn Arnold (1798 - 8/2/1878)

Parents of John Arnold

Pleasant View Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Burkittsville, MD

(There are many from the Arnold family in this cemetery.)

Children of Jason & Katherine Arnold

Siblings of Kathleen “Granny” Arnold Graham

Kathleen Arnold Graham, Richard Arnold,

Minnie Belle Arnold Trussell

Minnie Belle Arnold was married to Harry Trussell and they lived on the main street going through Hamilton, VA. They did not have any children. Minnie Belle was a grade school teacher. Richard Arnold married Nita Hickman. They had two daughters, Katherine Arnold Gosnell and Ann “Billie” Arnold Dutrow, who lived with their husbands in adjoining townhomes in downtown Frederick, Md. Richard and Nita divorced when the girls were young.

Minnie Belle Arnold Trussell,  Richard Arnold,

Kathleen Arnold Graham

Kathleen Arnold Graham, Minnie Belle Arnold Trussell, Katherine Yakey Arnold (mother), Richard Arnold